Yeak Loam Lake
Ratanakiri province, Cambodia

Protected and Managed by the local Tampoun Community

Yeak Loam lake, Ratanakiri, Cambodia

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Yeak Loam lake at early morning   Huts for teenagers to meet eachother
Swimming......   Stunning nature around the lake

Yeak Loam Lake is situated 5 km. southeast of Banlung town. The Yeak Loam lake (a volcanic crater) is the most beautiful, unspoilt lake of Ratanakiri formed by a volcanic eruption almost thousands of years ago. The lake has up to 50 meters (!) deep clean water and has an 800 meter diameter. Around the lake is a walking path of about 2,500 m. Two hundred meters of the track is a quaint wooden building housing tribal handicraft, the Crafts Museum.

Local Tampoun Community, Ratanakiri province, Cambodia, 2010.